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JUL 2024

Warsaw, Poland

Pałac Kultury i Nauki
Kinoteka, pl. Defilad 1

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Originating from the Warsaw Meetup series, we sensed a ripe opportunity for growth. In July 2023, on our meetup anniversary, we launched the successful inaugural Ruby Warsaw Community Conference, drawing over 100 developers from around Europe.
During winter conference, with the support of 13 sponsors and 10 partners, we hosted over 250 enthusiastic participants from 12 different countries. The caliber of attendees was truly outstanding. Beyond the enriching discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions, the conference provided opportunities for networking. This time will be no different!

We’re thrilled to reveal, that the next Ruby Warsaw Community Conference will feature a dedicated Rails Theme! This means all our sessions, from presentations to workshops, will focus solely on Ruby on Rails. It’s the perfect setting to enhance your Rails skills and connect with fellow Rails enthusiasts.

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Ruby Warsaw Community Conference is an event, where Ruby lovers come together to show off their passion and keep the Ruby community alive. We're here to prove that Ruby is still going strong! With workshops and talks for all levels of experience, there's plenty to learn and discover.

Join us as we celebrate Ruby and all its possibilities!

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11:00 Workshops




16:00 Conference

📍 PKiN, Kinoteka, pl. Defilad 1, Warsaw

21:00 Afterparty


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speaker: Hana Harencarova, Github

Hana is a Rubyist by heart and a software engineer at GitHub. After finishing her PhD in judgement and decision-making psychology, she became increasingly interested in coding. From working in R and data analysis she shifted her professional orientation to web development and programming. She fell in love with Ruby and shares her passion by teaching at Ruby Monstas Zürich and co-organizing Helvetic Ruby conference.

topic: Building for web and mobile in 2024: Production story and a brighter future with Rails 8

Curious about how to build apps for web and mobile in 2024? Join me as we delve into a real-world production story of building one. Together, we'll uncover the benefits and challenges of creating a web application with native layers. We'll also discuss push notifications, and app architecture that promotes easy feature releases. Finally, we'll look at the promises of Rails 8 to simplify the development process in the future.


speaker: Yaroslav Shmarov, SupeRails

Yaro met 💎 Ruby in 🇵🇱 Warsaw on a bootcamp back in 2015 and it was love at first sight. They have been happily married ever after 💍! He works as an independent consultant. In the last few projects he assumed the role of Lead Frontend RoR developer, overseeing all the frontend development, focusing on migrating from webpacker, rails-ujs, jquery, bootstrap to modern tools like esbuild, importmaps, Hotwire, TailwindCSS. Always keen to share his knowledge with the community via SupeRails youtube channel, Udemy and blogposts.

topic: Hotwire Datatables with Rails. Frontend tips & tricks

Yaro will show his approach to creating Hotwire datatables covering common mistakes and best practices - unnessesary declarations, full page reload vs. frames vs. streams, fat vs. skinny stimulus controllers, bulk update via turbo streams, etc. He provide answers for common frontend questions - when to use ViewComponents vs Partials, when to use Helpers, when to abstract a TailwindCSS class, should I create my own component library, etc.


speaker: John Gallagher, Joyful Programming Coach, BiggerPockets

John is a Joyful Programming Coach and Senior Application Engineer at BiggerPockets.He’s passionate about bringing more joy to the world of web development and helping engineers feel powerful and confident within their Rails apps. He’s worked with Rails for more than a decade and is obsessed with observability, design, refactoring, TDD, architecture, events and fast test suites. He lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

topic: Fix Production Bugs Quickly - The Power of Structured Logging in Rails

Rails apps can be a black box. Have you ever tried to fix a bug where you just can’t understand what’s going on? This talk will give you practical steps to improve the observability of your Rails app, taking the time to understand and fix defects from hours or days to minutes. Rails 8 will bring an exciting new feature: built-in structured logging. This talk will delve into the transformative impact of structured logging on fixing bugs and saving engineers time. Structured logging, as a cornerstone of observability, offers a powerful way to handle logs compared to traditional text-based logs. This session will guide you through the nuances of structured logging in Rails, demonstrating how it can be used to gain better insights into your application’s behavior. This talk will be a practical, technical deep dive into how to make structured logging work with an existing Rails app.


speaker: Cristian Planas, Zendesk

Cristian is a software engineer that has been working primarily with Rails since the release of Rails 3, more than 10 years ago. Performance optimization has been an obsession for him since he founded his first start-up as a solo engineer in 2012. Currently, he's a group tech lead and senior staff engineer at Zendesk, where he focuses on performance optimization.

topic: 2000 engineers, 2 millions lines of code: the history of a Rails monolith

Rails is the best framework for building your startup. But what happens when the startup becomes a leading business? How do companies that have Rails at the heart of its stack manage growth? How do you maintain a growing application for 15 years in a constantly changing environment? In this presentation Cristian Planas, Senior Staff Engineers at Zendesk, will share with you his and his collegues' 10 years of experience in a company that has succeeded by keeping Rails in its core. He will guide you through the life of a Rails-centered organization, that scaled from zero to hundreds of millions of users.

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From Junior to Mid-Level: Accelerate Your RoR Skills


WHEN: 19.07.2024 at 10:00

how long: ~4h

by: Oskar Lakner

available seats: 20

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Workshops host
Workshops hostWorkshops host

Fixing performance issues with Rails


WHEN: 19.07.2024 at 11:00

how long: ~3h

by: Chris Hasiński & Patryk Ptasiński

available seats: 20

Registration starts:
10.07.2024 at 9:00am CET

Building a Live Kanban Board Application with Hotwire and Rails


WHEN: 19.07.2024 at 11:00

how long: ~3h

by: Michał Łęcicki & Piotr Witek

available seats: 20

Registration starts:
10.07.2024 at 9:00am CET

Workshops hostWorkshops host
Workshops host

Deploy with Kamal: A Hands-On Workshop

WHERE: Odolańska 56, Warsaw

WHEN: 19.07.2024 at 11:00

how long: ~3h

by: Cezary Kłos

available seats: 20

Registration starts:
10.07.2024 at 9:00am CET

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Pałac Kultury i Nauki
Warsaw, Plac Defilad 1

Discover the perfect mix of post-war Warsaw charm and modernity at Kinoteka. Located in the heart of the city, just a 3-minute walk from Warsaw Central Station and Metro Centrum, our venue seamlessly blends the communist legacy of the Palace of Culture and Science with contemporary style. Kinoteka is the ideal place to host our event – a cinematic gem in the center of Warsaw.

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Additional Activities

Networking: pre-event party

Get ready to kick off the conference vibes with a bang! Join us for a pre-event networking beer session. Let's raise our glasses to new connections, insightful conversations, and a fantastic conference ahead!

WHEN: 18.07.2024

Discover Warsaw

Ready to add some extra fun to your conference trip? How about joining us for a casual city tour of Warsaw? Explore the hidden gems, dive into local culture, and make unforgettable memories with fellow conference-goers! Let's wander the streets and discover the magic of Warsaw together!

WHEN: 20.07.2024

Nerds on Lakes

An exclusive post-event trip to the beautiful Polish Mazury region, known as 'the land of a thousand lakes'. Last year Nerds on Lakes event gathered 15 boats. This year, we are planning a special edition of that event immediately after the conference.

WHEN: 20-23.07.2024

Let's celebrate


WHEN: 19.07.2024

📍 TBD, Warsaw

Cheers to Networking & Knowledge! Join Us for the Ultimate Afterparty 🍻

After the conference, let's unwind with beers, bites, and brilliant conversations. Share your insights, swap stories, and make new connections over a chilled brew and delicious food. Don't miss this chance to mingle, unwind, and exchange experiences in a relaxed setting. It's not just a party—it's the perfect opportunity to network and have a blast!

See you there!

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